Ms Motorsports 2013

The Ms Motorsports 2013 contest was held on Saturday January 19.  The event was held at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pennsylvania.  There were 14 contestants registered for the competition.  This was the 28th edition to the famous motorsports show founded by Area Auto Racing News publisher Lenny Sammons.  Area Auto Racing News covers the motorsports industry both nationally and especially throughout the mid-Atlantic area.

The show was hosted by Shane Andrews as the Master of Ceremonies.  Prior to the evening events, the contestants were given an interview session.  From there the evening schedule consisted of a sportswear competition and a swimsuit competition.  The ladies came out one more time to pose for photos with a modified stock car.  Contestants hailed from Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, and New York.

The various award winners were Kimmie Trout as Miss Congeniality, the Photographic award was Gena Marie Tatar, and the Sportswear winner was Kayla Cassandra.  Winner of the Interview portion of the competition was McKeanna Myers.  The swimsuit winner was established by a vote of the spectators.  The girl receiving the most shouts and cheers was Annie Costello.  There was also a Judge’s swimsuit category that was won by Katie Todorow.

Before the final results were announced, reigning Ms Motorsports Samantha Lagas gave a tear filled thank you to the many people who helped her and made an impact on her life.  She was also honored with a video tribute of her year including the pageant.

And the winners were…

2nd Runner up-Gena Marie Tatar earned $250.

1st Runner up and the title of Ms AARN-Jackie White earned $500.

Ms Motorsports 2013-Katie Todorow!  She earned $1500.

All of the ladies were very gracious and congratulated each other.  Here is a list of the contestants.  Megan Fox (PA), Annie Costello (PA), Shawna Strong, McKenna Myers (NY), Ashley Pecori (NY), Trish Heller (PA), Erika Decker (NY), Katie Todorow (PA), Jackie White (PA), Kimmie Trout (PA), Kayla Cassandra (PA), Allyson Fary (NJ), and Gena Marie Tatar (OH).  Trout was the fan favorite swimsuit winner last year.  Decker was representing Accord Speedway.

I thought the ladies with the best smiles were Trish Heller and Shawna Strong.

Todorow earned the tiara as the winner of the Ms Motorsports 2013 title.  She also garnered a $1000 poster deal, a jacket from Design 500, and a bouquet of flowers from the pageant sponsors.

Former Ms Motorsports winners in attendance included Ashley Deihl Stremme (2003), Chelsea Miller (2007), Alyssa Sharman (2009), Karin Heisey (2011), and Danielle Wilson (2010).

See some Trophy Girls!